Small Update – 14th Trip to Japan, Project Leopard and Sak garbage

Wandering Leopard Japan Trips 

I finalized my 14th trip to Japan coming this March and April. Sapporo, Nara, Nikko, parts of Shizuoka and Enoshima are going to be new areas for me to explore this trip. My usual golden route of Osaka/Kyoto, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Yokohama, Tokyo and Tochigi are happening again.

This time, I’m on the hunt for somethings outside of cars mostly. I’m looking for Akiya, Goshuin, eki stamp and Gojoin pilgrimage. Add another layer to my experiences in Japan.


I wish I had more time to visit Nagasaki, Chiba and the northern part of Honshu Island (such as Aomori).

Also in July, I’ll be in the Philippines and Japan for 3 weeks (split). I will be in Japan again, but with the family. I think for the most part, we will be Kansai based and a couple of days in Tokyo before leaving through Narita.

I think next year, I will focus on Western Japan. I’ve been to Takamatsu/Shikoku Island 6 times, but it’s always been Takamatsu. I would really like to check out Kochi and Ehime. Last year (2023 trip), Noguchi-san took me around Nagasaki/Sasaebo area and it was nice. You can’t go around like that when your whole trip based on public transportation. I would also like to see more of Kanazawa and Tottori (which I haven’t been to).


Project Leopard 2024 update

I’ve been concentrating on the Japan trip, but I’ve gotten a few things I needed or wanted to change on Project Leopard. It has entered 4yrs, which was NEVER MY INTENTION. It is what it is. I got the blue anodized valve stems for the Enkei wheels. Thrice Engineering is done with the barbs and bungs (I still don’t understand why it wasn’t done before) and while the IAC is out, I mind as well clean it and put a new gasket on. The hose that attaches to it as well needs to be replaced (some how missed ; / ).

But it looks like after all that is slapped together again, Project Leopard has everything to start.

Update on Bucky – He gave back the stuff he when MIA with (02 sensor system), but still has my Kouki F31 Leopard vents and Tomei fuel pressure regulator (which I already had to get a new one). The 02 system went missing when I was there to try and get my car started.



Let’s just keep it vague right now. But Karma came and it’s a pretty steep payback. I hope you read this Greg, you are one dumb ________________. LOL

Wasting everyone’s time, but I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that felt the Garbage scam. Sad even the groupie bro is seeing it LOL.