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The EXCUSES for 2023

War of Words 3 – Sakura Garage timeframe 2023

In the beginning of 2024

I was going research if there was any legal ways to get my money back. I actually was talked to a California law firm and while I got somewhat of an understanding, I was told to talk to a lawyer in Mesa/Phoenix, Arizona that way I have the local laws covered.

I got a call from someone in Arizona. At 1st I thought it was a spam call. Then the following text message wanted to talk to me about Sakura Garage. I called back immediately.

Find out that Greg Sheen aka Sakura Garage was shut out of the building.

  • Greg Sheen aka Sakura Garage hasn’t paid his lease in 2 years! He owes the building owner $19,000
  • He locked Greg Shee aka Sakura Garage out of the building until they can reach a settlement.
  • There were 10-12 cars there, in various conditions. Owners of those cars were unknown at the time.
  • Greg Sheen and Charlie Shee (Greg’s dad) or any of there associates couldn’t come to the shop to get anything (tools, parts, cars…etc). Only the owner’s of the cars (with proof) could get their cars. This was posted on the Notice of Lock Out paper.



At the time, Greg Sheen had 60 days to come up with the money or his business can be sued (Greg Sheen avoided this by claiming personal bankrupcy to spite Han – property owner). I was waiting to see how this played out and of course I wanted to make sure that Han and others were able to settle their issues before just putting it out there.

I randomly got in contact with Greg C. aka AZhitman (on and other Nissan/Datsun websites). He has been a prominent figure in the Nissan/Datsun seen for decades. When I was in AZ, Greg Sheen (Sakura Garage) would talk highly of Greg C.

Come to find out, Greg C doesn’t not like Sakura Garage. 



Han and I were conversing on what to his plan were for the cars. Han could have EASILY F—-D Greg Sheen over by just towing the cars off the properly and those people would have to go after Greg Sheen.

BUT Han said he didn’t want to screw regular folks over because they didn’t deserve it. I suggested that he talk to Greg C. Good thing that they were already having a conversation and they were able to identify 6-8 of the cars there.

*SG – Sakura Garage aka Greg Sheen




After I got back from Japan in April, I called up Han to get an update.


As I mentioned, what happened is that Greg Sheen ended up dragging his feet as much as possible. He was also trying to get his 2 Datsun B1200 out of there by having to say that Ultra Heaven owned those cars. The super conservative Christian lied for Greg Sheen. I get loyalty to a friend, but I would NEVER be loyal when someone is ripping good people and friends. To be that loyal is to be an ULTRA GROUPIE.

Greg Sheen couldn’t come up with the $19,000 and even when Han tried to bargain with a few things, Greg Sheen again was giving excuses and dragging it out for some reason.

A few people got their cars back and unfortunately, some of them were in pieces. I heard a few of these guys were older gentlemen, like 60+ and many of them are not on social media.

I’ve been planning to get the contact of a few of those people and see if we can get some legal counsel going. He claimed personal bankruptcy, but still has his business license.

  1. going to report to BBB.
  2. Get people to who were affected together
  3. Make sure he doesn’t scam again

Number 3 is important. Greg doesn’t have any other skills and was solely relying on other people’s money and credit cards. As a 40+ year slacker with no other skills, he mentioned to me (when we were on good terms) and Han that he was planning on moving to his brother’s house in Northern Arizona and have an business fixing and painting small aircraft. Yeah.. someone that is super unqualified working on airplanes…

My wasted time and money is not as large as many others, but I don’t mind putting energy to make sure Sakura Garage doesn’t take advantage of more people.


As of this post, another body/paint shop has come to light doing the same thing, but here in Northern California.