F31 journey – f31roger 2.0

As you see, f31club is slowly getting in to place. When Jacy gave me the website, I didn’t have an M30. So I felt inadequate. As I was finishing up my university studies, I thought about it and tried to get my black M30 back (explained in my previous post). I had a sense of duty to get it back… but it was to no avail.

The end of Sept 2016, I went to Hawaii and met the brothers there. We talked M30s.

Renny and Mark J.


A week later in October, I was in Japan. I visited Carshop Friend, a place many of us held high.

Satoru and Me


The next day I was at the annual Nissan Leopard meet, where I met the people and cars we idolized!

Hideya, Osamu and Junichi.

with Kazuho.


Hideya, Mie and Yukio


Kyouhyou and me



Once I got state side, I started to get f31club together. Part of the journey is connecting with a lot of the guys from before. So I reached out to many of the old school members and reconnected.

I also decided to meet other M30 members if I could.


SlappinM30 and me.


Met up with Jay Beckstead in Oregon


I came back with a renewed inspiration. I flew to Portland, Oregon and bought an M30. Then drove 9hrs back to San Francisco.


The next day, I started to put my Pico Racing sides skirts together. My parts from Carshop Friend also arrived. This is the Villanelle front lip and rear valances.

My set of chrome rain visors also arrived.



Test fitted the aero and installed the chrome rain visors.

Fiberglassed the Pico racing sides skirts (this was made for the leopard)



Then the OEM sun shades came in. Unfortunately, the rear sun shade was cracked.


My dealer Nissan Leopard licence plate was bent during my move 10yrs ago, I finally decided to try to get it straight as much as possible with a heat gun.


My zenki digital gauge cluster also came in.


Satoshi helped me get my fender emblems after I wasn’t willing to pay for the whole fenders to be shipped ($600 each).


New Dash mat from Mark! Thanks bro.


Started to make a wiring harness for the JDM headlights and corners. I want to add the fender marker lights as well.

I started to make a harness for the headlights, corner lights and fender marker lights.


Pulled out the JDM Leopard emblems and trunk lock. Also brought out the Fender marker lights.



3x in Japan in 2017

Wandering Leopard Pilgrimage 2017


Wandering Leopard and cub – Philippines and Japan – August 2017


Wandering Leopard Saga – September-October 2017

Met up with some OGs.

Hunter’s Point Mini meet (with Ricky and GillyGil)

Stanford University Mini meet (with Jacy)

Sacramento mini meet – 2017

On the maint side for my M30:

Spedometer and ripped seat belt were changed out.



Head gasket – 11/2017

When I got my Black M30, I had to change a few things out. At the time (2004) the car was 14 years old, I had picked up the preventative maint mentality from my 240sx, RX7 and Cressida, the M30 was gonna be no different.

I made a list of things I needed to change so I can make it reliable. This typically is the while water pump/thermostat/time belt and head gasket deal. While it was down, I even did the wheel bearings. It took longer since I never worked with a V6 before. After that, my M30 took me from Canada to Southern California… multiple times!

When I picked up my current M30, I was fortunate enough that the previous owner and the original owner kept all the work done. I could come up with things I wanted to change based on that. Seeing that the water pump wasn’t touched and timing belt was due (my M30 has 152,000 miles) I figure when I get time, do the whole deal again.

I was gonna have a shop do it because I worked, but that shop closed up a few months ago. They then referred me to a shop in the area. I gave them a call and they quoted me $4000.

I then remember getting a card from one of the guys. So I contacted him and he said he could do it for $1500 and be done in 4 days.

It would be done at his garage, with his license and warranty on parts and labor. I decided to go this route.

Needless to say, I’ve been happy to get this done. He also looked at stuff while it was off and said the engine was well taken cared of (thank you Jeff – Previous owner).

All gaskets, timing components, cam seals, water pump, thermostat and heads were done. I ordered a few items, such as the upper radiator hose with the coolant bleeder valve and a few other

Infiniti M30 wood accent dash kit

Like most old school luxury cars, wood accents kits were sold from the dealership to enhance the interior.

The M30s were offered this. I unfortunately don’t have much information about the kits themselves. I’ve see different types and shades, but I don’t know if that is factory or 3rd party installed.

Regardless, it is interesting to see these.




F31 misconception: The F31 is based off the R31 skyline

When F31club started, we were all M30 guys. Being new to F31s, there wasn’t much information going around (hence why f31club was started). This appears to be a general consensus around the world at the time. When a leopard popped up in the UK or in Oceania (Australia) people would say it looks close to the R31 skylines, in which these countries had access to (unlike the US at the time).

People started to relate the 31s and do small comparisons.

That being said, I think since the R31 was/is the popular and well known model, they simply dismissed the F31. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I believe this lead to the misconception of the F31 leopard was based of the R31 skyline.

While it was thought that the F31 looks close to the R31 skyline,  Fergy of Velocity is Faster (website/team) gave us info. He owned an R31 skyline in Japan for many years. Qualitatively, he said it looks exactly like an R31 skyline, just slightly different. When he left Japan and stayed in Hawaii, he said he picked up an M30 and all his skyline parts fit.

Update: I was at R31house and was able to look at R31s up close. Qualitatively, I feel the cars are the same. I used to believe the R31 was slightly wider based on the spoiler on an M30 and what Jason said about the R31 kit when he put it on his M30. After looking closely at it in person, I realize they are VERY close, if not exactly the same dimensions. 



Car manufactures are known to have “sister or brother cars”.  While they share similarities, sometimes these cars are aesthetically different and sometimes they are totally different.


Nissan A31 Cefiro and C33 Laurel – different looks, but internally the same (motor)

Toyota Estima Emina and Estima Lucida – different looks, but internally the same.

Nissan F31 Leopard and R31 Skyline – different looks, different motors, share the same dimensions (based on qualitative statements mentioned above).

But this rumor might have also be flamed by people not being fully versed in F31s. The Infiniti M30 is a kouki Nissan Leopard with a reversed R31 Dash. If people who didn’t know what the Infiniti M30 was and came upon it and looked at the dash, they could assume R31 parts were given to the F31… again making it “inferior” as the F31 did not have it’s own identity.

This did happen when guys in Australia would search for f31 leopard and see pictures on an M30. Since they know the dash is the same (just reversed), they assumed the F31 and M30 were based of the R31 Skyline. Again, the R31 Skyline is the more popular model.

The R31 Skyline also came in 4 door sedan and wagon, as the F31 leopard did not. Also closely related to these is the C32 Laurel, which never came in coupe and offered in both 4 door sedan and 4 door hard top. The C32 laurel was also RB powered.


This topic has been discussed on many forums:

Freshalloy – M30? thread circa 2002

Someone was saying that the M30 was the same as the R31 skyline. The error was that the person was talking about the Tommy Kaira M30. Which was a R31 Skyline with the RB30DE motor.

The 80sHero blog did a great write up on the Tommy Kaira M30  Check them out!


Here is Freshalloy user JonCarson explaining:



There are other threads out there that discussed the same topic. We did not have an R31 to compare, other places that did have R31 skylines and someone had an F31 leopard could make the comparisons.





Touch It Up paint

While the paint on my current M30 appears to be pretty good, there are a few knicks I wanted to cover up. I ordered a set from Touch It Up from Amazon for $26.

It was described with Primer, and both the Blue Gray storm and Gray scale metallic.


It arrived this week and the silver leaked EVERYWHERE!!!!


I’ve left a message on Amazon. I am hoping the everything works out and if the color is good enough, I might order more paint for my aero parts.

Light bulb guide: Infiniti M30 taillight

It is 2017 and bulb technology has improved! LED bulbs are now available for good prices.

I made a thread back in 2006 about fixing my tail light, which was broken. While there, I changed out all the bulbs. I rediscovered this thread and all the pictures are gone, so I’ll be fixing that soon.

Anyways, Here is the Infiniti M30 Taillight bulb guide:



On the covers, there are labels too.. but many people don’t want to take time to read them!


I will be replacing these bulbs with LED style bulbs.

  • 194 are tiny bulbs
  • 1156 are single filament
  • 1157 are dual filament.








Nissan North America’s M30 Convertible

At a recent event, Nissan North America showcased their Infiniti M30 convertible. Probably one of the cleanest M30s today!

The interesting part is that Nissan actually showcased an older car, rather than a new model.

Credit to Robert D. for sending me the pictures.


Passenger side vent

One of the most common problems for the M30 is the passenger side vent. It is often found broke or breaks… whether it is the outer bezel or the part holding the fins… something breaks.

Additionally, getting a replacement is difficult stateside. Many dealerships don’t have.

What some of the M30 owner in Japan have done is get the R31 skyline vent. Since the M30 uses the same dash (just reversed), the vent works.

Again, thanks to Satoshi for doing some research. The R31 skyline vent is the same as the M30 vent as far as part numbers.

There is a slight color difference… but it is not too noticeable.


Leopard fender molding

I have 2 sets of Leopard fender moldings. These have the actual recess in the molding for the a leopard emblem. The M30 molding is flat.

In 2005/6, I got a brand new set of emblems and found out I needed the actual molding itself. So those are sitting in a box.

Additionally, there is an option to buy a sticker emblem and put it on the fender molding itself.


I was able to get 2 sets of fender moldings. I wanted the original JDM fenders and I won a set on auctions. But when shipping was $600 per fender… It became in limbo.

Satoshi (S-T-S) offered to have it sent to his house. Where he took the molding off.

I won a second set of full leopard moldings (fender, door and rear quarter panel) and it was going to be pricier to send it all, so I asked Satoshi to send only the fender molding pieces.


So if it wasn’t for Satoshi, that first set would have been gone. I really wanted the fenders as the corner mounting is different than the M30s. Thank you my friend!!!