Leopard fender molding

I have 2 sets of Leopard fender moldings. These have the actual recess in the molding for the a leopard emblem. The M30 molding is flat.

In 2005/6, I got a brand new set of emblems and found out I needed the actual molding itself. So those are sitting in a box.

Additionally, there is an option to buy a sticker emblem and put it on the fender molding itself.


I was able to get 2 sets of fender moldings. I wanted the original JDM fenders and I won a set on auctions. But when shipping was $600 per fender… It became in limbo.

Satoshi (S-T-S) offered to have it sent to his house. Where he took the molding off.

I won a second set of full leopard moldings (fender, door and rear quarter panel) and it was going to be pricier to send it all, so I asked Satoshi to send only the fender molding pieces.


So if it wasn’t for Satoshi, that first set would have been gone. I really wanted the fenders as the corner mounting is different than the M30s. Thank you my friend!!!

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