The 10% of NOT getting the convertible happened.

So I was planning on getting the vert. I reached to Naoki, who responded and offered to do the swap. He mentioned that he would do it for relatively cheap and I only have to worry about how much I want to put into the motor and wiring. So I asked for quote on wiring and didn’t get one. I know Naoki is busy and I can bug him like hell… but I first wanted to get the car in my possession.

The guy posted these pictures and another picture with a tarp underneath the engine. I asked for more pictures and ask what else was wrong with the car… No response on both the fb page and text/messenger.

He then texts me saying “are you gonna get this car or what?” I said yeah, and he gave me the ultimatum, “You have til next Thursday or its going to the junkyard”. I rushed to get things aligned, including my cousin who doesn’t live far from the guy to check it out.

I called and the guy didn’t answer. My cousin called and he didn’t answer.

Then a day later, I get a text saying he was busy with work.

No call back, no help whatsoever on his side. No answers to what he did to motor….

It just seemed all red flags to me. I left it at that and no response back.

I was serious about getting this car, but the guy didn’t seem to want to meet me halfway when it came to answering my questions (what other issues does the car have? what have you done to the motor as I see a tarp under the car? Can you take more pictures of your car? Can you take more pictures of the body to assess any issues/paint/dents… it just never got answered and he never attempted to call me back to try and set up a time or how to do things.

He offered $400 for the car and I didn’t try to talk him down. I stated I’ll buy the car and asked the questions above.

With that said, my cousin checking out the car and the logistics for getting the car in to a shop… never materialized.

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