The $11,000 M30 in Japan

I thought this was interesting. M30s are prized in Japan (as the reciprocal of JDM cars here).

Makoto posted this and some of the Leopard owners were talking about it.



Leopard F31 super rarity! Left handle
It is an exhibition of Infinity M30.
Probably now, there are only a few in Japan
I hardly see it even at Yahoo auction
It is a super rare vehicle.
It is a superb vehicle with no problem.
Because you can not get it at this price
Please consider this opportunity.
☆ Sales Point ☆
· Genuine sunroof
· TEIN car harmony (new article tax included 264168 yen)
· One off leather style seat cover (new)
(Although it is genuine real leather, there are tears
Sheet cover of almost the same color as genuine gray leather
We are using. )
· Steering wheel OH
(We are reassigning to leather of genuine same color.)
· Then Verside 18 inch aluminum
(No gully scratches, four tires Bali mountain)
– Muffler made at that time Blitz
(It is better that it is not noisy)
· Genuine floor mat
· Genuine spare tire
· Front glass fastener (new article)
· Infinity M30 genuine key
(It is not chopped yet)
Sunroof, rear glass three-sided film (new)
· Panasonic HDD navi (full seg)
· Panasonic center speaker (new article)
· Panasonic subwoofer (new article)
· Panasonic ETC
· Carrozzeria front speaker (left and right new article)
· Genuine BOSE sound
· Battery (new)
· External keyless (new)
· Dash mat (new)
(Since the dashboard has cracks
We have a mat)
· Air Conditioning Amplifier OH
· Power steering rack OH
The interior and exterior is cleaner than the year.
Car cleaned already, body before exhibition
I was polished by a contractor.
Although there are some small scratches, dirt, etc., there are dent, rust,
There is no serious damage such as corrosion.
Rust is also less beautiful than the year-round even for the lower round.
I think whether you will understand it also in the image
Engine room, trunk room is also beautiful.
Since the car inspection also has more than one and a half year left
You can ride quickly.
The air-conditioner also gets cold as it gets cold
Automata also felt smooth and faulty
It is not.
Of course the engine is in perfect condition.
Power window, sunroof, operation confirmed,
There is no rain leaks and it can be used without problems.
One thing to worry about is that of the passenger side air conditioner
The blowout opening is a little broken.
There is no penetration for use.
Since we are also able to recommend with confidence
Please check the current car by all means.
I am sure you will like it.
Us, after buying this vehicle, trouble thoroughly
I repaired and it cost about 800,000 yen.
Question if distant person may be interested
Since we are amateurs, I do not understand much detail
We will answer within the range we can answer.
In addition to the winning bid price, recycling fee, monthly installments of automobile tax
Let’s eat.
If you canceled after bidding, after it makes a successful bid
We will charge a cancellation fee.
Bidding without checking the current car, those who are awarded are judged by the image
Please give me a bid after thinking carefully.
Since it is a used car, it is no claim, in a no return
Since it is current sales, there is a problem, even if there was an initial malfunction
Please understand that even if it does not correspond here at all.
Basically the highest bidder will arrange for land transportation
It is not us, car shop so loans or installments in installments
Payment can not be handled.
Payment is cash all together, transfer within one week after a successful bid
Cancel if there is no connection within 48 hours after a successful bid
To do.
Current car check, test drive, big welcome.
Then, thank you for your question, bid.
(Added at 16:16 on January 20, 2017)
This Infiniti M30 is only for 2 years from 1990 to 1992
Because it is not being produced, the number of eggs is also small, and it is about this level
I think that things of this price will not come out first.
Also like domestic Leopard F31 2000cc, 3000cc and turbo
There are not many grades such as, this 3000 cc non-turbo
Sunroof, genuine leather seat, air bag, power seat only
Etc. will become standard equipment instead of options.
Front, side, rear, then that thing outside company full aero becomes.
There are small scratches and dirt degree, but cracks, chips, dents etc
There is no big damage.
The outside tweeter is attached to the door.


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