Dr. Rex – Founder of NICOCLUB.

Dr. Rex was NEVER a part of f31club. In fact, he was the one who started NICOclub.com


But it wouldn’t be proper if we didn’t acknowledged his contribution to the M30s.


Rex was the first M30 on US soil to be swapped. With the help of 1sickZ (a prominent member of the Z31 community), they swapped in a VG30ET and manual transmission into Rex’s Infiniti M30 convertible.


We lost the pictures of what was taken of the swap, mainly the engine being pulled out  and the VG30ET sitting in. 1sickZ did get on f31club and gave us pointers on what he did. This is when we learned about the steering shaft and turbo location issue.

Besides that, there were not additional pictures or video.



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