90% going to get a convertible!


In 2005, when we started f31club, most of us were coupe guys. We didn’t know much about the convertibles. The mentality was different as well. We wanted drifting and motorsports. So in many of us at the time, the convertible didn’t get attention.

It wasn’t until a few convertible members, who didn’t drift, were saying f31club didn’t encompass the convertibles.

We didn’t know how different the convertible is compared to the coupe as many of us didn’t know. Once we started to get more posts about it, Jacy made “Vertville” where people could post their vert related information/questions.

A few vert guys made that forum good. Since they had a better idea and known issues, they provided content. Zydeco, Sundowner, Drew and a few others held it down.

Now, I didn’t appreciate the verts as much back then, but now, I see how awesome they are.

I also think that the additional maintenance worried others. This had to do with the top motor, rear quarter windows motor, condition of the convertible top, struts in the trunk…

Over the years, I’ve gotten interested in the convertible. I was seeing many in bad condition that needed those additional repairs. But I realized how awesome they are and appreciated them even more so.

When I went to Hawaii, I was a treated to a ride in the Infiniti M30 convertible that Mark aka Strikevalk had. It was SR powered, but it was a dope ride!

We talked a bit and I told Mark and Renny I was trying to locate my old M30. After that conversation and inspiration, a week later, I was in Japan. I was even more inspired meeting the Japanese leopard owners and checking out their cars.

In a few of my conversations with the Japanese guys, They mentioned that how interesting the convertible. Their perspective on the M30 in general really made me appreciate American M30s. We always seen them as inferior to the Leopard, but they Japanese regard the M30 highly! Even the convertible is considered great!

After I came back from Japan, I had a renewed perspective. I needed to get an M30 and start rebuilding F31club. Which I followed through.

But Mark and I kept talking about convertibles. He then said, “It’s only natural you get one”. LOL. I then made a commitment to get one this year and hopefully after my current M30 was done.

Then I saw the perfect candidate. One of the guys was selling his white convertible, apparently the top and window motors worked. Timing belt snapped and possibly needs engine work. He offered the car for $400.

I then debated what to do if  get it. I wanted to go VG30DE and asked Naoki aka Driftday. He said the swap would be relatively cheap, but it depends on how much of the motor I want to rebuild and wiring.

So many thoughts are racing through my mind as of now. Since the motor has only 100k miles on it, I could go the cheaper route and have the head checked/ head gasket replaced  (timing belt and water pump too).

Or I could go with very mild rebuild with Naoki.

The 3rd option would to be do the repair of the VG30e that is currently there and start collecting parts for the VG30DE swap. Since J30s are plentiful in the Junkyard, it is getting the motor and parts I need. I also thought about changing the transmission to manual.

If I did go with option 3, it would give me time to gather parts, this includes

  • Complete engine
  • wiring harness
  • computer
  • water pump
  • timing belts
  • possible oil cam seals
  • possible transmission


So why go VG30DE? Simply put, the engine has parts readily available. It is also the natural motor in the Nissan leopards. The mild build is more maintenance than anything. I was to simply make  a “reliable” car for normal/daily use.




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