F31 Keys Part 2

I wanted to add to Roger’s F31 Key post:

F31 Keys

The Infiniti M30 Blank Master Key, part number KEY00-00109 has superceded to part number KEY00-00151. MSRP is $164.85. They may still be availble, check your local Infiniti Dealership!

The Substitute Key is part number KEY00-00110, with an MSRP of $83.18.

Of course, one could easily go to Walmart or Lowes or any convenient hardware store to have a generic key cut, and it will do the job at a much cheaper cost. The OEM keys are pretty special to me tho.


What about this OEM Nissan Leopard Key? Part Number KEY00-00163. It features a wood accent with a beautiful Leopard Logo in the middle. MSRP is unknown, they have been long discontinued.

How many of you would still purchase an OEM Blank Key?


-Mark J