Write up – Custom Rear sunshade! For that Cali Sunshine!!!

Wrote and done by – Hachiboy



Sup Fellas! Just postin up an idea that us AE86 dudes used thanks to a guy on Club4ag, Thought i’d adapt it to my M30 as well, jus sumthin a lil different and for the lil kiddies in the future. Here’s a lil step by step i did.

You can order this shade from any VW dealership. Call and check the price because oddly enough, it varies. I went to the Van Nuys dealership and got mine for $10.86, They run about $13 bux mostly, you can find them online for bout $6 plush shipping which comes out to about $17. I decided to be patient n wait. . Great Fukn price for this tho. .It used to cost about $150. . .

Parts: 3 1/2 inch long steel screws, 4 , 1″ nylon spacers, 2006 VW Passat retractable rear sunshade, drill n bit.

1. Remove seats (i found it easier this way), then unbolt 3rd brake light, and bracket that holds brake light, then remove rear deck.

2. I used 4 spacers, two stacked on each other on each side. I had to use the spacers because the base of the shade doesn’t reach the rear deck like in my 86. I glued one on top of the other, then painted them w/ satin black spray paint.

3. Then centered the shade as good as possible, i measured 2 1/4″ of space on each side. then drilled the holes where the shade would be bolted in.

4. Then basically mounted the shade on top of the spacers, slipped the screw through it, then used a screwdriver to fasten them down. then snap little cover that came w/ the shade in. .

5.Then mounted the deck back in the car., put 3rd brake light back on, then the seats were snapped back in, then VOILA!!!! All done!

6. Retract shade and hook on the s hooks the kit came with. . Now sit back, enjoy and Cruise around w/ your new Passat sunshade, And if you have lil Childrins sittin back there in a car seat, the sun wont be so harsh on their Lil Baby soft heads. . .

Doesnt take long at all, jus make sure you go to the hardware store n get the parts ahead of time, i had to go back twice cuz the first screws werent long enough. . Then i cleaned up my seats. Time goes by smooth when you have 94.7 The Wave on the radio. . . Peace!!!!