Quick wash and getting the interior together.

I’ve been super busy lately. On top of my regular full time job at a Children’s Hospital, I picked up extra days at an adult hospital doing adult echocardiography.

If that wasn’t enough, I was approached by a big tech company about doing R&D to develop software/program to read heart rhythms with “wearables” such as I-watches and exercise bands.

Some goals have been funded because of the extra work. (Wandering Leopard 2018…?)

While the money is good, it has given me less time to fool around with the M30. I’ve had a list of projects I’ve been wanting to do.

  • Need to clean up the car really good. I finally gave her a bath, but needed to do more. She came out nice. I started to clean up the interior so I can put the new front seats in. But I’ve been wanting to do a deep cleaning on the carpet. So I might do some more removing.


  • I’ve been going around getting quotes on painting the M30. Initially, it was just about painting the bottom portion of the car. I then decided I need to just repaint the whole car. Keep the Blue Grey storm color, but change the bottom to a gun metal grey. This has been kinda going back and forth as prices have ranged to 5k. I don’t want a cheap paint job, but I also am not repainting a brand new car… so I’m trying to convince myself what is a good price for a good quality paint job.


  • As aforementioned, I’ve been sitting on some redone seats for awhile. I was waiting to get the rear seats done (as I figured I’d have seat covers by then) but now I feel like I should just put them in. I will have to disassemble the old seat brackets and add it to the new ones. 


  • Changed the wiper blades
  • Gonna talk about the front end really quick (next post)

More to do!