Front end lighting

I am fortunate to say that my brothers in Japan have secured me some Zenki front end parts. They are big. Hood, fenders bumper… those are not simple stuff to ship. So I have to figure out what to do.

Til then, I gotta put on my JDM headlights.. yeah!

So for months, I’ve been kinda hesitant to put them on just yet. I wanted to do it correctly and hooked up right. When they were on my original M30, I had it set up like a normally working car.

  • when you turn on your parking lights, the foglights will come on.
  • when you turn on your headlights, the low beam should be on by itself.
  • when you flash or set on high beam, it should work just like a normal car.

The fog light is H3c bulbs. We don’t have H3c here in America. While I was in Japan, I bought some H3C bulbs. Noguchi-san secured me some new h3c plugs as well!

This system utilized having relays. I’ve bought some heavy duty relays off Amazon. These seem to be an upgrade compared to my O’Reily’s ones I bought in 2005.



The corner lamps. In the US, these are not turn signal, they are just marker lights. Obviously different in Japan. Here was my comparison back in 2006. So there is more wiring that needs to be done. I didn’t hook these up because I had one that had a huge crack in it and I never got around to getting a new set.


Bumper lights: In the US, they are the turn signals and have a clear lens. The Japanese were amber.

Wiring not different!


Upon taking off the lens, I didn’t know the differences. The M30 has chrome housing, while the leopard has a grey housing.


When I was in Japan in October 2017, I was able to pick up leopard bumper lights with clear lens!!! (different design, more transparent). And a Leopard grill emblem that has LED light in it.


I was gonna put the lens on my chrome housing bumper lights. Looked okay.


But with the grey housing… wow.. too me that is sexy!!!


I mentioned the grill emblem. I bought it and it is has LED wiring! I couldn’t believe it! It is one of the very few MODERN modifications that Japanese brothers do.


Additionally, I’ve always wanted to get my fender marker lights on too.

For the headlights, bumper lens and even the grill emblem, I’m gonna put on some clear bra to help avoid rock chips.

While I did drive my old M30 with the leopard headlights for years without any coating, I just feel that I want to protect them. The reason I got the JDM headlights was because my first M30 had a crack lens and I couldn’t find a set. But there were a few leopard ones on YAJ and so I got a set.

I’ve even thought about having the grill emblem hooked up to a switch too.