M30 passenger seat change

One of the most common problems that plagues the M30 is the interior. Often times, the first visuals can make or break the purchase of the car.

Many M30s have ripped seats. There is basic wear and tear, but some M30s, the years of heat and sun exposure just takes a toll on the back seats…

So finding one with good seats isn’t common, but some M30 convertibles do have well maintained seats.

My coupe didn’t. But last year, I talked to someone at an upholstery class and she said she wouldn’t mind doing my seats. I got a spare set from the junkyard and gave it to her to see what she could do.

Since then, I’ve been kinda keeping them in my storage. I’ve been waiting to clean out the interior of the M30 and recently I just had this motivation to get things done.

I had to take take off the frame and rails and put them onto the new seat.


this is the passenger side seat.

So on the left side, 1 screw holds the plastic cover. take that off to expose the seat belt bolt and another bolt that holds the rail to the side.

12 mm takes off this bolt that holds the sliding rail.


The seat belt is 14mm. 


On the opposite side, 2 screws for the plastic cover, small screw for handle.

at each end of the sliding rail is 14mm bolts.

BECAREFUL as there is tension them and one slide can sling shot!


The only thing cable that needed to be disconnected was this one. I took off the c clamp and the screw that that attached to the wire.


BECAREFUL. This is the side that sling shots.


After that, I moved everything and reattached all the components.

the seat is complete.

The driver’s seat.. that is a bit more complex.

While the seat is out, it is time to clean the interior.