M30 Driver seat change

The M30 is rarely in good condition. Some of the most common issues across both coupe and vert (even though it seems people with verts do take care of them better) are the broken passenger side vent, warped dash and the common wear and tear seats.

A few months back, I had a friend that was taking an upholstery class. I asked her to do my seats for a good price and she did. I unfortunately didn’t get the back seats to her as she isn’t in the class anymore.

Anyways, M30 seats are mostly in bad condition. Typical wear and tear, but years of neglect also plays a huge role as well. Some people don’t care as they could customize some mounts and put in a different seat (but very few have done this). Most people put a seat cover and call it a day.

While I did think of getting different seats and all, I didn’t have time or welding stuff to make my own brackets. So I decided to stick with the M30 original seats.

The driver seat is electronic and at least from my experience, the right side will always have a bolt obstructed (rail/frame to seat itself). So I kept the seat in the car so I can plug it in and use the switch to move it.

I started by unbolting the seat from the floor. You’ll have to remove the plastic covers for the back bolts.

Then the fronts.


Found change and cleaned under there!

I then focused on removing all the plastic trim of the seat.


Started with the front, 2 screws.


Then the left side, which is also 2 screws, plus the plastic lever.


Note: be careful because the seat position switch is connected.


Then to the the right side. The screw is actually what holds the plastic piece in place. The bolt you see is for the seat belt itself.

Now that the plastic covers are removed, There are a few bolts that hold things in place and together.

Going back to the left side, I took out the cable from the seat switch (held by a tiny c clamp) and a bolt that held a bracket that held the cable. (in picture they are removed already).


The went back to the right side. I removed 2 bolts and the seat belt bolt. This held the support to the rail too.


Seat belt portion has to be removed too.


Now the only thing left is 4 bolts. Thess are at each end of the rails and underneath. The left side is clear, but the right side, one of the bolts is always going to be obstructed on either end.


Back bolt is visible.


The front however isn’t.


I did this in the car so I could plug in the seat position switch can be used. Which you will need to get the seat off the rails/frame.


After that, it is free.


Reverse steps.