On a RADwood high…

I kinda wanted to go over what I said in the previous post about RADwood because that post was a lot of ideas and events into one post.

I’ve always been into car shows. I love them and feel that is where the pinnacle of automotive display should be. So I have high expectations when it comes to these type of events.

From 2009-2014, I haven’t been following the car scene at all. I was busy with school, work and family.

I go to car shows in 2016 and I couldn’t believe some of the cars there. I get projects and I get rolling with your team.. but some of these cars were straight CL quality. In all actuality, I was disappointed these events let a car of such low standards show.

Now the era I came up in, it was really all about the quality. White glove swipes, undercarriage (though not always), engine, interior and exterior all had to be presentable.

I always wanted to show my car, but having an obscure early 90s car, stock height and rims, not engine swapped… those things nowadays I feel are overlooked.

The appreciation of the car is overshadowed by the presentation of the car. The car has to be tuned towards a stanced or drift theme or engine swapped for the typical crowd at these major events IMO.

Now, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT AT ALL. I’m just saying that the enthusiasts of many cars have been overshadowed by those who are into tuning cars to a certain level.

RADwood brought out a feeling in me that I felt was right. I saw stock cars with flaws. I saw appreciation for the cars in stock form. I saw people enjoy cars as is.

Not to say the show stoppers there, such as all the JDM RHD cars, the Deloreans, the F40 and other expensive rare gems can’t be appreciated, in fact I felt they were the focus of the show, but other cars such as this early 80s Toyota Camry can be overlooked.

This Camry was a great example of a well taken cared of car by the owners.


Not to say the Corolla next to the Camry wasn’t bad ass (it was very cool), but I can see these corollas at other shows and events. The Camry, not as much.

I can see 86 Corollas like this often, but a Camry.. that’s unique!


The premise of the car show is about 80s and 90s car celebration, being era correct and I felt that this is something that my car goes down the line.

See, the M30 nowadays is mostly another platform for people to drift.

Al’s M30


There are also a few guys who have made it more of Shakotan or stanced car.

Alec’s car

and with the crowd nowadays, people also want to swap engines.


So the appreciation for the stock M30 isn’t as high in America. Japan, it’s the opposite. They love stock F31s and love the VG!!!

I felt at home at RADwood as people were about stock life! My M30 was “stickered out” on the window sun shades, but it was stock height with stock rims.

Rory brought his Cressida and our conversation started out that he had the only one there. I did expect drift missile cars to show up honestly.

He told me that he wants to keep it how it is… and that was refreshing to hear!!!

Probably one of the very few Cressidas that is the best in 2018. Not a drift missile. But how it should be!!!!

Across from me, another brother showed up in a 1st gen Eagle Talon TSI. We briefly talked and he said he is keeping it stock as many have been modded and also you don’t see them often.

AWD turbo! and He wants to keep it stock!!!



I didn’t stick around my car for a few hours, I was out checking out everything else. I was subconscious about my M30.

In general, M30s do stick out, but unless it is something that captures that typical drift or stance crowd, nobody will give it a second look. People would come up to the car and not know what it is and go to the back and look at the M30 emblem.

I watched from a distance a few times that people took pix of my car, which totally made my day!!!

Towards the last few hours, Tajamul asked me to pop my hood. I was around my car and a few people came up and asked questions.. so that was really cool.

I’ve only seen a few pix of my car posted online.

misterrexr20’s post!


Conclusion, RADwood was a not only the perfect platform, but it is also the platform I probably felt closest too!

Super awesome to see other cars that are somewhat the same as far as stock goes.

Great job and awesome event.