Revisiting the BBS Wheel mystery

I while back, I made a post about BBS wheels.

BBS Wheel Mystery

In which I wrote:

 BBS wheels were seen on many of the Zenki (1st generation) F31 Leopards and so many of us thought it was an OEM option.


As I was doing some more looking around I came up on the  yellow Leopard manual. I have the kouki version, but not the zenki version.


As I am looking at some of the snippets.. I see something that I haven’t seen on the other option brochures:


Wait… what is that top wheel?

Another post I made a few months back.

F31 OEM Wheels


Which I have updated now!!!

Somethings are just interesting (maybe not for anyone else, but to OG F31club members, these things were thrown out ideas).