Emerald City Prowl – M30 convertible


Jim started to clean out the convertible and tell me a few things specifically about it. What piece is missing. He got the paperwork and gave me all the essentials.

He also had a spare door for the M30 convertible. I believe while he was parting out the other M30 convertible, the accident happened to this convertible.

The door doesn’t open, so I have to “Dukes of Hazzard” it.

So let me set the mood. It is getting dark, it has been raining the last couple of nights and it’s the PNW, so there is a bit of a chill in the air. 

We tried to load the door in that back seat sideways, so the top can be put up… well, it wasn’t good enough. So we tried to take out the glass, but that wasn’t happening either.


So I had to sit the door up. Sitting the door up means, I can’t have the top up.

I have to drive to Olympia with the top down!!


Car drove smoothly, but I had to get some gas before I hit downtown Seattle. I called my wife and told her to get a beanie and warm clothing because I have to drive to Olympia with the top down.

It was a cold ride to Seattle, but I was too happy to let it get to me.

I did a live chat video, and here is the picture!


Once I get to downtown Seattle, I notice a few people giving me looks, but not in a negative way. They probably thought I am crazy for driving a convertible in cold weather.

But just within the 10 minutes I was there, I got a few thumbs up from people.. which of course validated that I got a cool car, but also extended my excitement for having a convertible!


I pick up my wife and we start to drive. It was absolutely cold and Jasmin was totally cold! LOL. She wasn’t as mad as I thought she would be, but I’m sure when we are cruising Highway 1 in California, it will be great too!


My hands and face were numb! LOL. But I was too excited to finally have another great car!!!

I got to my parent’s house and filled my father in about the car. I was leaving the car in Olympia for a couple of months before I come back up and get it. We put the door in storage.

I’ve always wanted a convertible, but only seriously looking the last couple of years. I have passed up on a couple convertibles that were relatively cheap, but had mechanical issues or were in horrible condition.

While there is a dent in the door and fender, the car drove like it was off the showroom floor. With Jim giving me a door, I only had a few bits to get to complete it.

So as soon as I got the junkyard here in the bay area:

I’m debating on having the car fixed up in Washington (most likely), so that way I can fly up and drive it down.

When I do go back up, I have to meet with everyone again.

By that time, I am hoping to have my blue gray storm done (as far as the body), so I will probably use the front lip for this, unless I go with Type II style or something else.

I will also two tone this with the bottom being a lighter shade of gray, just to be slightly different.

But we shall see how it all goes!