ASC M30 convertible interesting find

When we think of the Infiniti M30 convertibles, we heard Nissan made selected specific M30s and sent them to ASC. ASC put in their specific supports after removing the tops. What we don’t know is the specifics of these chassis sent to ASC. If you didn’t know, the back seats in a convertible is narrower than in the coupe.

Jim showed me something that I have never seen and it’s obviously not new, but a finding that is interesting.

On the bottom of the bottom back seats (the one you sit on) there are markings with dates and initials.


Assy & Ironed



That was interesting, so when I went to a junkyard saw that the seat was taken out of a convertible there, I looked underneath and sure enough:

The past couple of years, many of us have contacted ASC (which is totally different that what it was in the 90s) with no new forthcoming information.

Still an interesting discovery!


update: More from a recent vert