Tomytec Vintage Limited Neo Nissan F31 Leopard Xs-II Grand Selection

Tomytec is back with the Limited Vintage Neo collection! I was able to get the previous set thanks to Noguchi-san. I also got extras and one from Kuze-san.

*Here’s a quick note…only recently has the F31 been paid attention to that toy makers are making them. Additionally, when you look at scale models and those previous Tomytec and even the 2 Tomica Premiums (and yes, they are different)… the focus has always been the top model, Ultima.

Uchida-san posted these:


Immediately I looked and saw that they were XS-II and Grand Selection (even though I don’t know if you can see the differences inside LOL)!!! Very cool nonetheless.


Let’s break em down!

The white/gray two tone is TLV-N118c



The black/gray two tone is TLV-N118d

The description reads:

● New specifications appeared after a long absence in Leopard

● Add a new rear spoiler

● Leopard now popular second generation

In April ‘s TLV – NEO, we will add a new specification to the second generation F31 type leopard, which will become more popular as time passes. The second generation Leopard that appeared in 1986 narrowed the body type to a type of two door coupe, and around the chassis, while using the components of the R31 type skyline, the engine strengthened the luxury intention such as narrowing it to 2000 / 3000cc V6. It also fulfills the role as an outflow payment for the breakthrough of Nissan vehicles from the following year, and its success in TV dramas and movies, which became synonymous with Leopard later, has a great influence on the establishment of its unique character. This addition is the “Grand Selection” added in 1987 the year after debut. The Grand Selection is a specification tailored to the luxuriously centering on the interior such as wool seat. It was set to 3000 cc of Ultima and 2000 cc turbo XS – II, but this time it is modeled by XS – II. The genuine optional rear spoiler has been installed, and the front spoiler has been made as user installable parts. Now, as the second generation Leopard, which became one of the representatives of the Nissan cars in the mid-80s, normal cars are also variations after a long time as TLV, please be sure to stock them. * Front spoiler is user installation parts.

As of December 2018, the release date is April 2019 and there are reservations for orders (in which I’ve placed.).