Wandering Leopard Emerald City Prowl

An impromptu trip to the Pacific Northwest (Washington state) for Thanksgiving weekend. I wasn’t expecting, but when everything aligned, I said let’s go!

The PNW is where my F31 journey began in 2004. I bought my black M30 there. I went to events (drifting, shows) with my M30 (non participating) and meetings such as Golden Gardens (Nissan meeting).in my M30.

I drove to Vancouver BC, Bremerton, Portland, Northern and Southern California (M30 meetings) in my M30. It is kinda the underlying foundation of “Wandering Leopard” in the extreme traveling -sense.

Bay Area to Washington is about 12hrs minimum of driving.


Just like many things on my mind, I start planning for my trips.

It was ambitious for 2 and half days. I also had to divide my time with family (naturally) since it was Thanksgiving and I was the one driving in Seattle with my family. I contacted people and some didn’t come to fruition due to timing and family issues.

I was able to hit the dealerships, which was something I wanted to accomplish.

Infiniti Dealership Challenge – Pacific North West


I stopped by Fastlane 2, which I was the only one I saw that still is open (very cool to see it hasn’t changed much!). Speedline was gone or what used to be Speedline.


I took my family to Starbucks headquarters, Space Needle and Pike’s Place on Friday.

  • Starbucks Headquarters
  • Space Needle
  • Pike’s place

I was able to visit Garage Tuner Automotive. Thank you Samay for meeting with me and letting me see Previas!!!

With Wandering Leopard events, I try to make it about the F31 somehow. And usually there is a culmination if everything works out.

The culmination of this trip was to meet with Jim P and Albert. Albert wasn’t able to make it due to flights being pushed back (I really wanted to meet him and see his Gold Dragon).

But I was at least able to meet Jim P.

The trip ended on an awesome note as I picked up a M30 convertible from Jim!!!

Emerald City Prowl – M30 convertible