Past Power Innovations

Zack used to post on F31club years ago as Arcadian Sports Car Orphanage. His company has for the large part focused on VG30E and Z31 300zx parts. With Past Power Innovations, they’ve decided to broaden their base and so they are focused on older cars. They also want to help communities of obscure or forgotten cars. I felt this was really important!!!

PPI recently purchased an M30 convertible as a R&D vehicle. While they do have Z31 and S12 items available that are compatible with the M30, it is also a good time to get M30 specific items made.

First off, this is a great opportunity for many M30 owners to see our cars get some items made.

So, support Past Power Innovations. It is rare to get a company willing to make OEM and tuning items for the car.

Here is their M30 blog post!

Project Barn #1 – Welcome The Leopard Without Spots!


I think there is so much potential to get some M30 items made and to help with keeping the car in one piece. They are also willing to look at any ideas of what needs to be made.

But the most important thing, showing support is the best way and that goes with buying their products. Just looking at, it’s very affordable!!!

Along with Renny making addressing the basic interior items and Carshop Friend having a few things… We can still build and rebuild the F31, the community/owners just need to support and have involved.

Past Power Innovations –