Tracking down cars: Project Leopard update

Previous info here: Tracking down Project Leopard.

I get an email from Jon R. He is now the current owner of the Project Leopard M30, but also, he was the one who bought it from Koji.

Anyways, Jon bought the car from Cameron. It is missing the motor and transmission, but the chassis is there.

Jon laid down his idea of bring it back to its former glory. He plans the RB26. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have that mindset. Also the rebuilding of a iconic car in the F31 community. Many people don’t get that, but just like the F31s in Japan, some of them have reached a status that people are PROUD to own it.

Rebuilding a car that has the parts scarcity has always plagued the F31 community. I do feel for the right car, it is something that we must do to preserve these cars. While most will have to repaired and some parts made (such as Renny’s passenger side vent and seat switch), I think it is plausible to get this car to that level.

My personal opinion, it doesn’t have to be at Magazine level, just as long as the car is being saved and taken cared of. Jon has great ideas and I wouldn’t put it past him to put the effort into this car.

There are very few passionate people for this car and when some of those rise up to the challenge, those are the ones that need to be supported and recognized.