#YEAROFTHEVERT Vertville forums

F31club started out with a bunch of us really owning coupes. Some of us didn’t even know there was a convertible version since many haven’t see one in person ( I had never seen one at the time).  F31club in its infancy was also about “tuning” the F31.. that meant swapping, changing things out, drifting, increasing horse power…. etc… you get it.

When I asked every member during that time about how to bring the forums to be better and their opinions, there was mention of having a small sub forum for verts.

Jacy made it happen:

Why VERTVille?

Post by jcrapps » 22 May 2006 18:45

Well, by request, I’ve had some members ask to make a vert only section since there are quite a few things different about the hardtop and verts. I will see how this subforum goes. If it gets a post a month, then I will consider moving it. If it starts a small discussion every so often, then I’ll keep it. 
Why the name? I dunno, cause ville is the only word that stated with “V” that I could think of. 
This was refreshing because a few of the vert owners mentioned they didn’t care for drifting or swaps, they wanted to get information on the vert and maintain their cars. That was a milestone for F31club, as it was starting to be more inclusive. This also help mold my mentality to be more inclusive and to focus on car maintenance rather than just swapping/replacing.
We worked hard on getting information for the verts and many of the OG members put in some major effort. This year is dedicated to them! #YEAROFTHEVERT !!!