M30 coupe blower motor resistor

While the digital climate control has it’s issues, we are unsure if the blower motor resistor is one of them.

I compiled all the issues of the digital climate control here: Digital Climate control issues

What I liked about the forums was that someone would post up an issue and people would chime in with their own solutions or ideas.

The blower motor resistor is behind the glove box.

3 terminals – M30 coupe – digital climate control

5 terminals – M30 convertible – analog climate control.

*If you try to search for one online, they mostly show 5 terminal units. 

Renny posted pictures of his bad unit, where he took it apart (I think he said he replaced his with an S13)

Internal Component Parts List:
NEC D1297 transistor
1AZ 33V Zener diode
270,000 pf capacitor
220 ohm resistor
2A 250V 135 degree thermal cutout

Damn, I can’t read the tiny markings as easy as I used to. I must be getting old. Let me know if I misread any of the component values.
They say the transistor is hard to find, but as long as you know its specs, it’s a matter of matching it as close as possible with a comparable part.

I guess each person would need to decide if it is worth while to replace the whole module or to repair it by replacing the individual components.
(Maybe a write-up on how to diagnose each component, hmm?) – Renny (Onevia)


I have a couple and decided to use one for a documentation and project status. This will be part of my total rebuild of my M30.

I removed the plastic cover.



I looked where the cooling posts are, there is a small hole.


I use a small punch to help push the circuit board out.


I believe I hit a limit because when I tried one last punch, the terminals started to come closer and it didn’t seem to move anymore. That or I need a smaller punch.

I took these pictures for reference, but I do plan a full disassembly of this unit. I’m just being cautious and don’t want to break one.

One idea is getting each component and replacing them, pretty much making a new unit! Might be worth it!!!