Upper radiator hose with bleeder valve

In 2017, I had my head gasket replaced and one thing I noticed was that the bleeder valve started to leak. It was broken, so half the threads were gone, but it held up.

I stilled tried to order it online (one site said it was available) and I watched the tracking… and it never reached my house. Then I get a refund with no explanation.

Since then bleeder valve actually has been holding up until recently.


I actually want to replace this whole part (t pipe and bleeder screw). The plastic screw is just that plastic. And while people have threw in a bolt in its place (which is fine and works), I want to have something that maybe I can be changed out and look really clean.

A quick look online and Z1 Motorsports and they have something that is similar, but if you look right behind the bleeder screw, there is an additional hose extending.


I am contacting Z1 to see if they can modify one.


I personally think this would be great for M30s in general.

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