JCCS 2019

JCCS has been a goal of mine for a bit. There are a couple of other shows in So Cal that I really want to check out such as Nissan Jam and Toyotafest.

My initial goal in 2018 was to get the M30 coupe to JCCS 2019. But everything didn’t pan out. The biggest hurdle was waiting for the Zenki front end to arrive. I had this all ready in November 2018…. but just delays with shipping and what not just killed my momentum.

I finally get the front end 7 months later. I wouldn’t have enough time to get things completed for JCCS.

Other’s have showed at JCCS, mainly Mike and Bill. Which is awesome.


I personally never care for winning. I only care about participating. Because years down the line, I can say I did and have pictures to show it.

So hopefully next year for show.

As for this year, I decided to check out the show and meet with anyone I can.