Wandering Leopard for the rest of 2019

It is always great to plan trips. They don’t always go as planned and even some get canceled.

Earlier this year, I was in Japan. I wanted to meet many people, but conflict in time made me miss a few people. Many of my Kyushu friends. Even when I was in Hakone, I couldn’t meet with Daiki-san because I couldn’t leave the resort.

While I was in Tochigi, I missed out with meeting my friend Rholfi in Shinjuku.

When I was driving the vert from Olympia to Vancouver BC, I didn’t get a chance to meet with Chris (Nyeark) who was in the PNW!

One of the trips I set in motion was a trip to Europe. I would be in Venice for a conference, but take a week off after to go around Italy and France. Not my doing, but scheduling at work didn’t work out and also since my family and I are going the Philippines for Christmas and New Year, it might have worked out better.

Let me go over what is planned.

  • While I was hoping to show the M30 at JCCS 2019, the front end delay and “big purchase” have impacted that timeline. But I will go to JCCS to check it out. So a trip to LA is in order!
  • Euro trip is cancelled until next year.
  • At some point, I will need to go to Vancouver BC and take care of my Vert.
  • Since the Euro trip is cancelled and my family wants to go home to the Philippines for the new year, I think I will have to use that excuse to go out that way! LOL.

While I do like the Philippines, if I am not going to some beaches or exotic part, I really want to explore. Not to mention that a flight near by is pretty good priced!

I’m thinking I need to visit Malaysia and Singapore since I have friends there that I want to meet with. And, since I am in the region, I still have to visit Japan!

I am figuring that my family will be with me, so I will have to slow things down, I do want to visit some places. Hokkaido for one! Of course my friends in Tokyo and Kansai. But also Kyushu as I have items in Nagasaki that I need to figure out how to get.

I want them to see Godzilla head at Hotel Gracey as Jacob did in 2017. Now that both my boys are into Godzilla, they can appreciate it even more!

Godzilla’s head and Shijuku


Tokyo Auto Salon 2020

I’ve never planned a trip around TAS. In the early 2000s, it was the same way. I only went because of friends. This still holds true to this day. Of course my friends hold Leopard meetings, so in that case, I will go when invited.

When we were looking at dates, we were planning on coming back January 8th. Then VanKulture President, Paul C, said he was going to TAS and he asked me to go to. So there is a reason to go, plus I will finally get a chance to experience TAS.

Tokyo is hosting the 2020 Olympics, so CHANGES are happening, some of the worse.


Sometimes I had so much stuff, I just stand with my luggage on the Shinkansen (outside of the passenger cars), especially for a short trip. While you can reserve, sometimes, I don’t have time to wait in line to reserve. Nonetheless, I hope this rule reverts back to how it usually is after 2020 Olympics.