I can’t believe it!!! Piko Racing Front Lip

I like surfing YAJ and bidding on items. I put my max bid and see what happens.

Last week I saw a Piko Racing front lip for the Zenki front end. I made a bid.

This morning, I received an email saying I won!!! I had forgotten about it and was thinking I got outbid.

I won it for $48.35.. but that’s not including all the fees and shipping…etc.

The thing is, it is a rare item for the Zenki front end. Here is a picture of Itabashi-san’s old F31 with the Piko Racing front lip.


Here is the pictures of the Piko Racing front lip!


Now if you aren’t following, this won’t fit on a Kouki F31 or the US Infiniti M30 front end.

It only works if you have the Zenki front end.



The OEM copy of the front lip isn’t bad either.



But to add Piko Side skirts (which I’ve had since 2006)…


Era correct with F31 specific parts!