2020 Vision

It’s the new year. 2020. Wow…

Personally, I don’t think I need to renew myself annually. I feel I should always improve daily, weekly, monthly… constantly.

If I want to cap off the end of the year, the main thing I am focused on right now is the Project Leopard (Project Car Magazine M30).

Engine in the machine shop, getting all the parts I need (Pivot, Bee R), trying to figure digital fuel gauge of the Zenki digital instrument panel, body work and even thinking about suspension.

It is maddening, thinking of costs, but also thinking of how awesome it would be when it is done and how much it would be worth it.

Japan trip is coming up at the end of the month.

The 1st 4 days, I will be in around Tokyo area. There has been request to visit friends in Yokohama and Chiba. Of course I will visit Saitama and around Tokyo for sure.

I am still planning out the rest of the trip, so I will figure out if I can stop by Nagoya, Osaka, Takamatsu and Kyushu (Nagasaki, Fukuoka..)

Sometime in Feb, I’ll end up going back down to Gardena and mess with the Project Leopard. I do have body parts and others for it, but I want to see how far along the car is by then.

It seems things are gonna happen pretty quick. While the RB25det is the machine shop, I’ve been gathering parts I want into the car. My Greddy intake manifold has arrived, but the upper radiator hose insert is bent, so I contacted Aaron of Boost Doc in Australia for his insert and will get that ordered up, maybe other pieces too.

So many ideas ring through my head.

Old school pivot items such as the turbo timer, Speed Meter and shift lamp as well as Bee-R rev limiter as well as some not essential touches such as a ETC


Still gotta meet with a few people before I get busy!