Project Leopard update

The car was dropped off December 22nd. Since then, the engine was in the machine shop.

While there, I started to gather small items I want in the car.

As some of the the parts came in (example Greddy intake manifold),

Marco would inform me what to get (the manifold had a Q45 throttle body and he suggested an RB25 one).

Well. We all kind of figured the #6 cylinder wall needed work as it was a blown ringland.

 It was honed and everything in the block was solid! Crank collar was put on the crank shaft.

Some of the items I gathered the last couple weeks.

  • Crank Collar (on crank)
  • RB25det transmission (at shop)
  • Greddy Intake manifold (at shop)
  • RB25det Throttle body (at shop)
  • Upper radiator hose insert (ordered)
  • RB25det TPS (in transit)
  • Billet alloy Cam covers seals (Franklin engineering)
  • RB25det exhaust manifold with heat shield (at shop)
  • Greddy Oil catch can (at shop)
  • Bee R rev limiter
  • Pivot shift lamp
  • Pivot KM reader
  • Pivot FLAT turbo timer
  • Nismo clutch, flywheel and pressure plate (in transit)
  • Japanese ETC

Yesterday, when the machine shop finished the block, Marco gave me the FIRST parts list.

This is mainly for the engine. I also bought a few items that needed to be replaced anyway.

  • CP forged pistons kit (rings and wrist pins)
  • OEM timing belt and idler tensioners
  • N1 Water pump
  • ARP head studs
  • Tomei metal head gasket
  • N1 oil pump
  • Greddy timing belt
  • Nismo thermostat
  • Oil pan with bung
  • Oil head drain kit with hose (Franklin Engineering)
  • RB25det Rear main seal (Nissan parts CC)
  • Nubis Exhaust manifold studs (raw brokerage)
  • Nubis Rear main seal bolt kit (raw brokerage)
  • Nubis oil pan bolt kit (raw brokerage)

Initially, Marco suggested that I don’t worry about the RB25 oil head drain kit.

I’ve been fixated on it and he found a full drain kit with new oil pan that had a bung already welded.

I didn’t hesitate to get it.

I also ordered a few new bolt kits from Raw brokerage, rear main seal from and sent money to Marco to order the parts.

Next parts list:

  • turbo
  • radiator/fans
  • Greddy Profec B

I’ve also been trying to figure out the Zenki Digital gauge cluster and realized I needed a CF converter.

It is one thing to have the cluster. But you also have to have the other things to make it work.

There is only 1 M30 (there is also 1 kouki leopard) that have changed their instrument panels to digital.

To wire it up, I will need to have as much info as possible.

Fortunately in 2005, I bought the Zenki F31 leopard service manual which has wiring diagrams for the cluster.


But I didn’t have the plugs. Itabashi-san again has provided!!!


The main component I am trying to understand is the digital fuel gauge. There is a fuel sensor and a CF converter that needs to be wired up.



Exterior wise. The bumpers are trash. I think I will only use the remaining front bumper cover to graft on another bumper. Rear bumper. I got a replacement.

Of course Zenki front end is the idea!


The only hold up is the hood in Japan.



Interior wise, there were quite a few small things missing. Door switches, bezels, vents… I gathered a few things that were missing. But I got some ideas right now and I am researching and searching for resources to redo the interior.


The initial plan was to have resources in Southern California to do the interior and exterior. But as it seems resources aren’t connecting, I think I will have to start finding alternatives. One of that being those 2 items, interior and exterior being done in Northern California.

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