N Style Customs and the zenki hood – 2020

Before heading to N Style Customs, we were discussing the zenki hood situation. This was the reason why I was in Japan. Last year, Itabashi-san wasn’t able to send the hood because it was too big. None of the transport companies wanted to pick it up.

So this was something I learned about big parts is that domestic shipping is an issue.

When we arrived to N Style, I saw the spare parts section.


I saw the spare leopard parts (trunk and wing)


Going back to the hood, Nagahama-san brought out a hood and I was trying to see if he can ship it, but it seems like what he wanted to do was cut the hood. I would be totally against it even said I’ll take it as it is… but the hood was pretty rusty and it was gonna be scrapped…



So why did Nagahama-san have a spare hood.. let alone a modified hood and trunk with a 3rd party wing?

From what I understand, he acquired the car from a friend.


It’s actually a complete XS-II (2.0 turbocharged VG) and it is also a Grand Selection!!!

When I asked Nagahama-san about the car, he seemed to be pretty unsure about it. Itabashi-san and Ogawara-san said we should discuss coming into my possession either through purchase or trade. INTERESTING!!!!

F31 goal – to own a zenki leopard…. almost!!!!


Then the owner stopped by. It looked like he got off work. He is showing an old picture of the car when the hood and spoiler was on it.


Possibly reflecting on the hood after it was cut.

And if you don’t know, I love history and so to discuss F31 ownership was interesting.. and here is the photo from before.