Why was the hood cut up? Answer to the why and confused

People have seen the video of Nagahama-san cutting the zenki hood and wondering why/confused.


To make it clear.. this hood was NOT in good condition and was a SPARE.

This to me was a last minute option as a container of parts was leaving Feb 1st and I needed the hood on there. When I couldn’t get the hood transported, this was the option that Itabashi-san and Nagahama-san felt was left.


So why do this? I have the front end of the zenki leopard, but not the hood.


People ask, why can’t you just modify you hood?

Here is a kouki leopard (same as the M30) hood.


Here is the difference in detail when you look at the Zenki leopard hood.


Last year, Itabashi-san couldn’t deliver the hood because of the dimensions. We contacted transport companies and they couldn’t because of the dimensions.

I tried to see if there was any body shop in Southern California that would try to do this. Nobody wanted to and I also realized that it wouldn’t look proper even if they did.

So the last option was to cut it a good size with the time crunch.. I had to make sure it was on the container with my fender and Piko racing front lip.