Found another vert boot… but rough

A few posts back, I mentioned I went to check out a vert to get the bumpers. The bumpers were gone, but I couldn’t go home empty handed.

Last year, I found a vert boot that was in a pile of misc carpets and panels not far from the vert itself.

Cleaned it up and brought it to Canada (where my vert is at) and put it on!


As I was assessing what was good on the car and what could be taken off, I’ve learned to look around and maybe you can find the stuff that might be from the car you are looking at… and it paid off again!


In the trunk of another car not to far away, I saw a bunch of stuff inside. Some looked like m30 trunk lining. Pulled it all out and found this…

It definitely was in a more worst condition than other one I found last year. This is the updated version because it has the black tabs on the outside edges… and those have stitching that needs to be redone.

It seems to be more sun dried and scuffed up.. but nonetheless, it is pretty much all there. So I’m gonna clean this piece up as much as possible and get to be decent again.