Getting the convertible rear quarter windows

The rear quarter vert windows are one of those pieces that are getting rare. In fact, It would probably be a good idea to find some kind of plexiglass replacement just as a 2nd option. I didn’t realize this problem until someone had broken randomly broken my passenger side rear quarter glass. When I started to ask around, I turned up nothing.

If you happen to come upon a convertible in the junkyard and you know someone could use them, here is what you need to do.

*Consider this a quick and dirty write up

First off the tool:

  • 14mm socket/wrench
  • Allen key set ( bring both metric and standard and whole set)
  • 10mm socket (preferably deep)
  • socket extension
  • cotter pin tool (suggested)
  • Offset screwdriver set (varies phillips head bit sizes)
  • just in case – other screwdrivers and pry bars (but not needed)

If your luck is like mine, the convertible top is up and the windows are up too. Before you start to work on the rear quarter glass, let’s make it easy and get the top up.

You will have to unlock the top. Right above the sun visors is a plastic cover. Remove that (along with the sun visor mounting). Once you have that all clear, you’ll see the actuators (one on each side).

Where you see the red arrow is where you put the largest allen wrench you have and turn it counter clockwise.

If possible, save these (if you have the money).

But be careful. Sometimes these are seized and can break into pieces.

If that happens, you have spend a few more minutes unmounting the actuators by disassembling them where they are with a phillips head screwdriver.

Once the front of the top can be manually opened, be careful and pay attention to the top of the rear quarter glass (and on both sides)!

As you start to lift the top up, the joints attached to the bows wills start to collapse. There is a metal frame that goes along the top of the convertible rear quarter glass and when you feel the top not going further, people tend to push it and it breaks the glass.

You just pull the glass outward while pushing the top and it will clear. AGAIN BE CAREFUL.. THIS IS WHERE GLASS CAN BREAK!!!

Now the top is cleared.

Now we get get working on the window.


Remove the seat belt cover. Then use the 14mm socket to remove the seat belt bolt.


These 2 buttons are for the convertible boot to attach. In the middle, they are phillips screws.


You might not have clearance with a regular screw driver. I used an offset screwdriver with a phillips bit.


Here is the quick and dirty part. The rear quarter interior panel and seat belt can be shoved aside, but still kinda be in the way. It won’t obstruct you from releasing the rear quarter window.

This will expose a metal plate.


This plate has 3 allen screws on top and 3 on the side. There is a hidden one towards the back. Often times, people have messed these up (as you see in the picture).

Quick and dirty part – You can just undo the 2 top and 2 side, leaving the ones in the back and just shove the plate upward. 

But let’s do this properly as a write up and let’s say you want to save this piece too.

These take a smaller size allen wrench (I can’t remember the size, hence why I said bring the whole set). As I mentioned, 3 on top and 3 on the side.

*please note this is the opposite side

Once those are clear, you will focus on 2 10mm bolts and a cotter pin. You will see a ton of other bolts…

This is focused on the glass, so let’s keep at that.

The 1st 10mm bolt you will see towards near the seat belt mount. You have to remove the tape/cover to be able to access it.

Be careful. Can be a slightly weird angle. My 10mm deep socket came loose and fell down… and I couldn’t see it or find it.


This piece is what holds the bolts in place.. try to save it



The 2nd 10mm is towards the back end of the rear quarter window. Same thing, remove the tape/cover.


That 2nd bolt is right next to the cotter pin. You’ll have to remove the pin too.


Once you removed the bolts and cotter pin, try to pry that part that the cotter pin was locking. I used a pry bar to keep the separate while I tried to pull the window.

After that.. all you have to do is muscle it upward and it will eventually come out!