COVID19 Projects – M30 carpet

Right before the shelter in place, I was able to grab grey interior for Project Leopard. I didn’t have time to get the carpet. I also thought the junkyards were closed, so I didn’t go back to get it. But I did tell my friend Max I got the interior pieces, but on the carpet.

I thought it was a lost cause until Max hit me up and said he got it. I paid him when he brought it over.

It was dirty as expected!!!

The following week I dropped it off at the detail shop and when I got it back.. I felt they did a decent job, but I could do better. As with the headliner, I busted out the Resolve and got to the cleaning.

I vacuumed it too as I felt they didn’t do a good job.

The detail shop did a decent job of cleaning.. but they didn’t do an outstanding job as I expected.

Cleaned it all up and was happy. Then put in my storage unit.


Probably be put in after Project Leopard is mostly complete.