The Infiniti M30 vert rebuild

My vert is chilling in Vancouver BC at my brother in law’s place. In November 2019, I was able to briefly work on it, putting in the new rear quarter glass and even pushing out the dent a bit from the inside until I finally hit that limit.


Someone had randomly busted out the passenger side rear quarter glass a few months prior. So when I visited for Thanksgiving, I replaced it it. Also worked on the dent from the inside, which helped, but didn’t resolve much. I also got a new battery and a cover for the car (convertible tops always leak!).

I was planning on getting this car done really quick until the Project Leopard popped up. So all my concentration has been on that.


Once I get over the hump of Project Leopard’s bulk of the work (interior, repaint and engine in place), I’ll start to get the Vert in order. I honestly think this is gonna be a build for the PNW and Canadian SW. I just need to start looking for resources.

If my Blue M30 is gonna be the next “big project” after Project Leopard, I want to make the vert a solid daily, fix the door and have everything functioning good.


Like all my cars, I’ll have address everything.. being a vert.. I’ll have to make sure I go through the top, the actuators, and top motor. Replace hoses and even try to find a suitable replacement for the top (maybe a faster pump?). Of course put a new top on and what not.



Itabashi-san wants a vert and mentioned he wouldnt mind having this one. There is some personal attachment as this was given to me by Jim. I also know that Itabashi-san would absolutely treasure this car and if this did happen, I can make a connection between Jim and Itabashi-san.

In due time, this vert is gonna rise up and I’m gonna make sure it get’s the full treatment. I just have to process all the priorities first. I just can’t wait to see the car and drive it again!!!

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