COVID19 Projects – Roof liner

The pandemic and shelter in place has put many car enthusiasts to work on their cars. I’m no different and with this down time, I’m able to get a lot of projects I would have passed on to someone else, completed.

During the 1st week of the SIP (Shelter in Place), I had the roof liner, carpet and sun visors detailed. The detail shop did a decent job, but I knew I could do better. So I used some Resolve and got more of the stuff out of the fabric.


After cleaning up that part, I turned my attention to the back.



I didn’t realize this, but since this side is exposed to the sunroof (and moisture), that mold was forming.


So I took a toothbrush and some bleach and when over the whole back end.

It’s been a month since I did this and it has been clear since.


Makes me want to do one of those Galaxy headliners with LED lights…. hmmm. that might be Part 2!!