Web Option – An Owner’s Full Commitment to an F31 Built to Drift!」His Fourth Leopard with the Ultimate RB20DET!

I saw this article and had to share. I have the original Option magazine article (90s/2000s), but I couldn’t translate anywhere near the way Park does.

Credit: Web Option: https://option-tokyo.com/2019/12/14/32996/

Translation: Park Baker aka High Top Fade

This Leopard owner, like many, were influenced by Abunai Deka. From what the article, this is his 4th leopard… also not uncommon for the leopard community members.

What is interesting is that he swapped in an RB20det. It was an XJ-II based leopard with R32 transplanted items.

This car looks really cool and I do love the lowered stance.