Update Diana kit

When my friend Noguchi-san posted about sending me a big package (below), it was translated as “American Pervert”. I’ve heard this term with some of the most famous leopard owners. LOL.

While we use words like die hard, fan boy or hardcore enthusiast… the Japanese simply say pervert. LOL



While the text is hilarious…  It was a huge day as Noguchi-san had the Diana kit delivered to the port city so it can be sent to Oakland!!!








I’ve made posts about this kit in the past, but to have it coming to America… I can’t tell you how much excited I am. This is a serious 16yr dream/goal come true.

Some newer owners learned of the Diana kit in the last couple years and run their mouth about it. Many of us OG M30 owners LOVED this kit.

Depending on when the container leaves….

The Blue M30 is getting VIP treatment!!!