Hawaiian Domestic Market made M30 passenger side vents test

One of the biggest interior pieces that is broken 99% of the time is the passenger side vent. Every car has a mythical piece and the passenger side vent is that for the M30.

There hasn’t been a solid solution besides buying a new one (which has also dried up).

When Renny started on these, everyone wanted one right away. I was one of those people… but I do love how Renny is taking his time, testing them and doing his best to perfect them.

Infiniti M30 solutions 1: Passenger side vent and seat button prototypes




Well, I got a surprise this past week. Renny had sent me a care package. I was truly blown away.

He sent me a couple sets of vent fins. Since I have Project Leopard’s dash at my place and I took out the broken vent, I put in the fins and tested it (there was not bezel/cover).

Again, I was simply amazed!

these 2 videos show just how much has progressed with the replacement parts.

This is something I truly can’t wait to have done! My vert and Project Leopard need it!


More info forthcoming!!!!