Digital Climate control blower resistor replacement

I gotta thank my brother Hung P. for figuring it out and doing the R&D. 

One of the other crippling issues with the M30 is the digital climate control. As I’ve mentioned in the past, there are a few different issues… this one is pertaining to the blower motor resistor.

Hung took the time to test one from a Q45 and it worked.


Making a template to fill gaps of Q45 resistor box in the M30 housing. Using 28ga steel sheet.


Drill a hole so it’s matching the other side.



Grind down side to match


Put back in housing: (Noted by Kent:
Arrow is pointing to the side with the thermal switch. Switch needs to be on the high side to capture the heat from the transistor. The metal cup this bolts to is installed with the extension plate at the top to direct airflow. I’m adding this because both parts can be installed backwards (ie upside down).







Credit – Hung P and Kent. 

There are other info posted on F31club from Renny and Nicoclub pertaining to this topic.