F31 tuning: Kaido Racer style

When it comes to sub genres and style… Kaido racers and 90s VIP cars were the ones that did it for me. Once in awhile, we’d see a F31 Leopard built as a Kaido racer. While most Leopard owners are into clean style, I know a few people were into wild styles. This would be down the Shakotan, Grachan, Kaido racer type styles. Kaido racers if you didn’t know, encompasses a few different styles and regional influences/differences. While a good portion of Shakotan cars are also just clean and dropped, I wanted to focus on the modified exteriors and aesthetics. F31 Leopards were typically not one of the main chassis to build, but here are a few examples that the F31 platform was just as nice.

Kaido racers are more about looks and sound, rather than speed. Many parts are custom made and some are not really functional (PVC roll cages for example).

As you know, I am a huge fan of Kaido Racers and tried to find some in the early 2000s. My friend that was taking me around Japan didn’t feel comfortable with interacting with kaido racers, but we went searching without any luck.

In 2018, I was able to see on in person and it was a milestone.

Around the 2004/5 era, we noticed 2 groups that were very modified. These were the cars that inspired us with the body kits. In that era, many of us got our M30s and aero kits were the biggest thing to have. Obviously the M30 didn’t have aftermarket support, so we always looked up to the Japanese cars. Two clubs were always saw were Club Non Sect and L-Evolution/Locc-On. They had the style Americans wanted.

I used to see Yamashima’s old Leopard with this Red one. The red leopard had done the interior in red and long nose.



How the car currently sits in Hokkaido. The owner also has this white M30 (I believe Yamashima-sans old M30).


The most famous kit that we all wanted at the time was the Diana Kit. We’ve only seen it on one car and that was the pink Club Non Sect car. How it is presented in these pictures, it wasn’t super wild and fit the VIP/Bippu style perfect.

What I learned is that the owner was a kaido racer builder, so he extended the front lip longer and molded the wing.

One of the cleanest shakotan styled Leopards is owned by Suenaga-san.

On my 1st 2017 trip to Japan, I contacted him and asked if I could see his Leopard. He said it was okay and I went to his place. I love his build and it looks amazing in person.


Another car that we came across was this Blue Zenki that was Shakotan style. It had a HUGE leopard logo on the hood. The styling was interesting and of course, we didn’t know much about it back then. I showed this car to people when I was in Japan and Kyouhyou told me it was a friend’s car! The extended Hako wing is a nice touch!

The car had many of the wild parts taken off awhile back and was up for sale.


It has been toned down since it was up for sale.


Between the styles of a Kaido Racer and VIP.. there was Haiso or High Society. I was told this encompassed a more squarish style and with luxury cars. I found many of the cars that were Haiso styled used mainly companies like Piko Racing. Here are the examples:


I’ll post this picture again because its the only picture I have seen with the front of this purple leopard.  It has the cool hood scoop that is often seen in Kaido racers builds.


Also dual Takeyari pipes out back. Notice the Seven pane too.




I love this style. Fender fins, long chin, LB fenders.  I wish I had more pix of this car.


Open car silhouette style!!!


This look I really love. That aggressiveness always looks cool. I am a huge fan of the seven pane as it flows well with the long chin, nose and fender fins.

Just the same as above and sometimes it could be the same car, but who knows. I love the angle of everything as it looks really dope.

Again, this aggressive look has always been my favorite. Again, the Seven pane is awesome looking IMO.




Here is a Zenki F31 leopard with Ferrari style rear sides.




Maru Taku Body works

This yellow Zenki exhibits the cleaner style of IMO.


I really dig this. I had to ask about the front bumper. I love the slits and square vents… It is an R31 Piko Racing front bumper.


Long nose with chinspo




Here is another




Yes…. grainy night pictures! These pictures aren’t clear, but it is what it is. The Seven pane is awesome looking!!!



Just a Hero for sure!!!

Nagasaki’s #1 Crazy Leopard by Noguchi-san

My travels to see this car is well documented.



But I couldn’t talk about Kaido Racers without the crazy style I love.

Noguchi-san said he got the car for pretty cheap. Since he is famous for his builds… this car was no different! It started off as pink

He then reached stage 2.



Found a few more!!!