Infiniti M30 solutions 1: Passenger side vent and seat button prototypes

Some of the common problems for the M30 are outlined here

One of the main things that has plagued the M30 is the passenger side vent. Dealerships have dried up and prices have increased for the vent if there is one online.

Sometimes lady luck might be on your side and you either buy an M30 with an intact vent or you happen to go to the junkyard and run into one.

While my M30 had an intact vent, I still got one from the dealership via Noguchi-san. The last ditch effort is to get an R31 skyline (which is the same).

Onevia (Renny), Strikevalk (Mark) and I have a list of things for M30 revival. Mostly concepts and ideas. 3D printing vents was an idea that we really touched on. I even asked SlappinM30 (Mike) if he could do some 3d printing since his business, Scale Mob Scalers, makes items. He is obviously busy getting it going and fulfilling orders, so I don’t want to take his time/resources.

Renny has been trying a few different methods on reproducing the vent fins and bezel. After receiving a 3d printer, he has successfully made some good examples:


Further, another annoying piece that seems to get broken and go missing is the driver side seat switch.

Renny has also successfully made that as well:

Added reinforcement.



Renny has video of him moving the switch back and forth.


Craig on the FB page mentioned the button being shorter would be nice… and so Renny delivered!


Right now, these are prototypes and Renny is perfecting them.