Parade M30 convertible

One of the things people have to understand about F31club, as an M30 and Leopard website, is being inclusive. When we first started F31club, many of us were into drifting and engine swaps. Then some of the more conservative and mature M30 owners started to get into the conversations. They were about preservation and enjoy the M30. This started to reshape my thinking back then. I started to understand their viewpoint better.

It is why when you look at the M30 meeting in Southern California in 2006, it wasn’t just tuners, but Chris D. was the guy there that just enjoyed the M30 convertible stock.


Jim P and I have been talking this past year and he has been a multiple convertible owner for quite a while. He sent me this picture of his M30 being used as a parade car for a local stunt hero, Beauty Queen.