Project Leopard exterior upgrade!!! Ubeymade concepts!

My visualization of Project Leopard.


Zenki front:

Project leopard will have Piko Racing sides and West Yokohama rear valances.

I was happy with this look and there were ideas of tracking Project Leopard because of it’s motor. There are a few guys drifting the M30, but what about time attack or road course? Jun’s Blue Leopard became an inspiration…

I didn’t think I wanted to put on a GT type of wing. But I wanted a “race” look.

I came upon a builder on IG that goes by Ubeymade… and I was INSTANTLY in love!!!

At first it was about canards, then the front splitters.. but once I saw the Integra with full kit (front splitter, side skirt extensions and rear diffuser)… I just got obsessed!!!


While I don’t need something that sticks out a lot, I do want something that makes it look nice.. Since the F31 has a squarish front.


I do like these splitters!!!



Canards. I’d probably run 2 on each side for that sport look. While I like this design.. I don’t know how it will flow with a square bumper like the Zenki front.



Side skirt extensions look REALLY DOPE. Knowing that my car isn’t as aggressive as the cars Ubeymade usually works on, I think a cleaner style like on this yellow Integra is.




The rear diffuser is what got me. Again, the F31 is different, but I do love how it was incorporated in the yellow Integra. Once the car gets done, I will have to take it to Ubeymade for measurements and ideas. I’ve been a fan and in contact with him… but I’m sure a lot of people talk about it… for me… I need to execute it!!!







That is my goal! I love how it looks!

Check out his work on IG @Ubeymade