Final stages of interior

Project Leopard’s interior was brown/tan and in rough condition.

First assessment of interior

In Feb 2020, Roger V helped me gut Project Leopard.


When I saw how rough the door cards were, I remembered my friend Chris uploaded these pictures with R31 door cards.

Looking at the grey interior and black R31 door cards, it looks like it made sense and a good combo.






Then a week later, a coupe popped up in Oakland PnP with grey interior, so I grabbed everything.


A friend grabbed the carpet for me. This was the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. Everything was dirty, but the carpet, headliner and sun visors were dropped off at a detail shop for cleaning. Slightly disappointed in their work, but they got most of the crude out and I just had to resolved a bit more.


There was typical dash warp and even a crack.



Back seats were incomplete (only bottom), lucky I had a spare top.

So these needed to be redone anyway and I found someone that gave me a good price on them. I was super happy when I got them!

When Marcos (the guy who did them) sent me pictures, I realized I would have to do the rest with him in order to match. When I picked these up, I dropped off the rear quarter interior panels and the panel under the steering wheel to match it all.

I’ve painted the vents to match, but also got a very important piece, the passenger side vent fins from Renny. I’m just waiting for the bezel.

Passenger side vent fins review


The plastic upper trim I am trying to figure out what to do. I thought about hydrodipping them some kind of theme, either black/silver marble or paint black with silver flakes. I was just gonna use the grey pieces I got, but decided why not just use the original brown pieces and just save the grey!



I wanted to do something that had flakes or shape like marble.


Holographic black metal flake


Now that you can see most is done, I wanted aftermarket seats for Project Leopard.

I was gonna go with the OG Bride seat rails for the R31/F31… but I want to make sure I sit a good amount lower. I thought about Street Faction’s brackets, but the price per side is $170. So it’s a balance. Additionally, they don’t have anything that might be close to the F chassis. The closest is Z31 and Q45.

I’m also trying to figure out what seats and if I want older, used ones or a set of newer style ones (which is most likely).

Digipan is still being worked on and I don’t know when it will be done (harness). This does require cutting of the cluster bezel, which I do have a spare and have modified.

Zenki armrest being modified too.


R31 shifter bezel with Shift Royal boots and custom Koi fish shift knob.


The other idea is a basic 4pt roll cage/bar. Just to have it

Fire extinguisher mounted somewhere for sure!!!


That’s it for now. I’ll update this post once I get a few things done.