Rant: If you can’t take care of your car, please don’t hit me up.

I’m always down to help people. I obviously don’t have all the answers and don’t know everything.

I’m NOT gonna mention this person by name or IG name. I want people to understand NOT to come at me asking for rare parts when don’t even take care of your car.

JDM parts are getting rare. JDM parts are expensive. I’ve been able to get JDM parts because people in Japan know I WILL NOT DESTROY PARTS (whether that is drifting or any other aspect that will damage the car).

Since people are selective on who receives rare parts, it’s because they know the person is about taking care of it. They know I am trying to build my F31s.


Your money, your time and your car.. so you can do whatever you want to it. But I’m not gonna waste my time, my energy and resources on people that don’t respect what it means to be an owner of this car. Some drifters I don’t mind helping.

The point? A guy / kid (since he is 17yrs old) hit me up asking about rare parts. He wanted a Diana kit. It’s easy to say you want it, but it’s not easy to get. I explained this. Since he is new and got ONE OF THE CLEANEST M30s available, I tried to hammer home taking care of the car and how parts are getting rare.

I then see a video on his IG with his friends jumping on his hood, like elbow dropping/wrestling. Not 1 guy, but 2. And not once, a few times.


These are just screenshots and not actual video.


Why would I help you get rare parts when something like this happens to the car? It would probably be a waste right?

Whatever is left out there should be for true enthusiasts, especially for the F31. The M30 (F31) doesn’t have the support like 240s or other cars.

Again, you can do what you want with your car/time/money. But I am not gonna waste mine.


On that note, it is what it is. I know one thing though, my cars won’t be treated as such.

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