Project Leopard lack of updates

As with any big project, I am now in the waiting phase. I personally think everyone is taking their time and being casual about the work (I mean there is no “rush” or deadline).

  • Project Leopard is still in AZ being worked on (body wise and hood).
  • RB25det is pretty much assembled.
  • I brought the exhaust manifold heat shield with me and had it welded (it was cut) and now I want to find a place to blast it and ceramic coat it.
  • Digital cluster is still with Bucky, but I haven’t gotten an update on it.

The only update I got with progress is the rest of my interior is done.


In other news, The Diana kit is HOPEFULLY leaving this week/next week. It’s always kinda “vague” when it is truly leaving.. but at least if I had the Diana kit as a project, I could relax on the Project Leopard.


That is pretty much it.

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