Windsor Pick N Pull convertible

Anytime an M30 pops up in the bay area junkyards, I try to go and grab parts. When I think I am done with having parts, there is always a request or something I realize I needed and I keep passing up on.

Windsor is about 1.25 hrs away. I have NEVER been there. But a vert popped up and I had to get a few parts for a project I’m working on and most importantly.. I needed the exhaust manifolds… heinous job for sure! Luckily I had more time than my usually 1 hour to grab stuff. I planned for this and spent the week looking it over.


I paid $2 to get in (standard here with Pick n Pulls). I find the car and start looking it over.



When it comes to M30s, I have a designated list of parts I grab if available. For instance, rear quarter glass from verts. This time I had a list. I needed trunk lining (for Project Leopard), Trunk and wing, and others. But I also had a big project on me with this particular trip.. The exhaust manifolds.

I did a quick walk around. The top is up, both rear quarter glass is there, so I’ll have to mess with the actuators. The last few convertibles I worked on, when I go to manually unlock the top, the Allen bolt has been snapping. This time, I was gonna take it easy. Opened the door and the interior was horrible!!!


Looks like this car was in a field somewhere (this area has a lot of farm like properties), so I’m guessing this was sitting out somewhere for a while. Apparent by the bee hives I was finding everywhere! I stopped counting at 23.


After getting the windows, I looked at the trunk, which was bent for some reason. Trunk was trashed too, but the wing looked okay.


There was an Accord SE with a nice spoiler on it too. Had a long LED light… hmmmm.


Now down to business. Luckily, folks had taken a lot of things and unbolted a bunch of stuff. Straight dropped the engine.



All day and $300 later…