Building up F31club opinion

I’ve been building up F31club in recent weeks. Most of the time, I am doing these things on top of my normal busy work and family life. I often hope that others would put in content to help out.

I’ve always wanted F31club to be the resource page as well as an entertainment for people to enjoy the site.

I’ve had a ton of back log as far as resources and parts that are exclusively for the M30. Tons of scanning and cross referencing of parts. As we know, most of the parts are discontinued… so it’s finding parts that could replace or improve the old parts.

Since F31club forums were up back in 2005, my priority was always to put as much F31 content as possible. It was finding every post, picture, question that was on the internet. I wanted our forums to rival those other mainstream forums in good content (rather than flame wars and online arguments).

Nowadays, there are tons of content across many platforms… a lot garbage, a lot people that just own an M30 and don’t really care about it, a lot of good content from people as well. When people contact me, I always like to post it up just to keep the blog posts going.

At one point, Jacy built out F31club from the forums to pages and a gallery. I followed that same step and honestly, WordPress has made it way easy.

Even though some of the stuff might be irrelevant, I still believe in having the OEM information available for the sake of documenting. I know many people nowadays have a short attention span and don’t want to take the time to learn. Regardless, for me to complete F31club on that level.

I’ve also have been developing my own personal projects page as sub directory on F31club. This was important to me as in a sense that I can show my approach to the build process of my personal cars and keep it exclusive to that subdirectory. I’ve tried this a couple of different ways and I finally found a way to do it really how I want it.


On another note, in a previous rant, I was disappointed in a few people. I’ve helped people as much as I can and in return all I ask is help. It’s never about the money. To me, it’s about character. It’s about meeting me half way on something, it’s about keeping your end of the bargain up. Typically I don’t really complain about it, but at times.. you just reach a limit and just need to shut off.

I often times do a things on my own and carry favors for people. I do it because I want there to be progress and I want to be helpful. But then there’s that point. Have you helped me? Have you been helpful to me or F31club?

I started to feel dejected and if I dwell on it, I’ll either get motivated by anger or I lose motivation. Currently, I’m too deep to stop, so I choose to shut off a bit.

I will leave it at that and hopefully for the TL;DR people it flies over their heads and they can leave me alone.

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